2-4 Players     45-90 minutes    Ages 10 and up

Welcome to the beautiful kingdom of Rumian, where people have lived close to the magnificent nature and taken advantage of its resources and opportunities for generations.

It is a time of hope and adventure, where the future is shaped by the choices of the inhabitants. Sought-after goods are crafted to meet the growing needs of the market, houses are built by new settlers and the Council richly rewards those who can take on and complete their glorious quests.

But even in the brightest of times dark shadows lurk. The demand for land and resources has led to rivalry and fierce competition among the inhabitants and you must be ready to defend what is yours at any moment.

The time has come to see who will best use their wit and skills to build both the kingdom and their life for the better.

Will you become a master builder, a cunning merchant or a legendary adventurer? -The choice is yours to make. Let the adventure of a lifetime begin!

Rumian is a captivating adventure board game in which players compete against each other to prove who can contribute most to the development of Rumian. 

With its combination of simple rules and strategic depth, it fits both beginners and veteran gamers alike and is a great entry game into the world of board games.

Release date: Kickstarter campaign planned in early 2025, release in early summer 2025

The entire game is illustrated by the renowned game artist Konstantin Turovec, who previously has done many illustrations for Hearthstone and Warcraft.